We are a Chartered independent built environment consultancy with experience on projects across different climates who support design decisions that are aimed for real life performance, rather than ‘tick-box’ mentality or compliance. We provide a wide range of services within the construction sector that add market, social and societal value to projects by aiming to deliver efficient, healthy and sustainable buildings that use minimal resources to run, whilst also enhancing the occupants well-being.

At Consultergy, our clients are our main priority and we place high focus on the end users of the building. It is our firm belief that buildings should enhance peoples lives and contribute to improving their performance. We welcome clients who are keen to deliver high quality buildings that rise above the rest and strive for being exemplar.

We pride ourselves in prioritising the indoor environment performance as we believe this forward thinking sustainable strategy will become the norm in global construction very soon. We want to help you achieve a competitive advantage over your competitors by establishing a truly sustainable built environment legacy.