This service involves interrogating the environmental, energy efficiency and sustainability performance of a building at any stage of its lifecycle. We use cutting edge modelling software to create an accurate representation of your building. Our advice could be applied at any stage of the building lifecycle (pre-planning through to operation) and increase its performance with relation to key indicators for the occupiers or stakeholders.

Consultergy can advise on improving performance

Our advice focuses on improving design features, enhancing operational performance and highlights area that could be further improved. These services are available for projects worldwide. We use our knowledge of UK, EU and U.S. construction to advise you on industry best practice. We also incorporate knowledge from global academic institutions (UCL, Oxford, Cambridge, Berkeley, Harvard) and innovative scientific findings to assist in enhancing indoor built environment.

Contact us to enhance your design with a focus on productivity and performance (non-domestic buildings) and health and wellbeing (homes).