Approved documents Part L cover the energy efficiency requirements for the England building stock with relation to conservation of fuel and power:

  • Approved Document L1A covers new build residential buildings
  • Approved Document L2A covers new build commercial developments (or major refurbishments of non-domestic properties)
  • Approved Document L1B covers residential refurbishments
  • Approved Document L2B covers non-domestic refurbishments projects

Every new building in the UK must comply with these regulations in order to be sold, let or occupied. These requirements cover the thermal fabric of the building and its regulated mechanical services- heating, hot water, lighting, ventilation and cooling (if applicable). There are several specific criteria that every development must meet in order to pass a Building Control Inspection.

We have significant expertise in providing tailored practical advice on achieving compliance in a cost-effective manner that adds significant value to your developments. Do contact us if you wish to discuss how your project can meet and exceed these requirements. Our advice is based on technical knowledge on the specifications system combined with years of experience on delivering projects that work in practice.

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