IPCC High Estimate for Global Temperature Increase by 2090

The IPCC, a consortium of over 1000 scientists, predict that global temperatures could rise up to 2.5-5.6°C in the next century unless urgent action is taken.

The Chartered Institute for Building Service Engineers (CIBSE) has prepared two technical memorandum (TM) documents in order to guide professionals on assessing overheating risks in the UK. 

The CIBSE TM52 standard is a mandatory assessment for all major developments in London and focuses on commercial projects.

The CIBSE TM59 is a voluntary (currently) standard that is used to assess overheating risks in homes. 

Overheating is becoming an increasingly more prominent issue even in colder climates [1,2,3,4,5]. Even robust standards, such as Passive House, are prone to overheating unless careful design consideration are taken at the earliest stages of the project. 

In order to reduce the risks of overheating, we offer both domestic and commercial accredited overheating assessments by incorporating future weather conditions. We are eager to assist you in developing resilient buildings that will provide comfortable conditions to the home owners or workers throughout the year. We are keen to investigate solutions that achieve thermal comfort whilst reducing the overall impact of your building on urban heat island effects, climate change and global temperature increases. 

Contact us to discuss how we can implement this service to your developments and adapt them to the changing global environment.