This service is aimed at existing projects that could be improved to lower operational costs, increase sustainability credentials, improve indoor environmental performance and to enhance other performance indicators and design goals. It is very similar to Holistic Design for Performance, however here the focus is on optimising existing projects rather than developing design strategies. 

We are able to provide advice for improvement on the following areas:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Lowering running costs and CO2 emissions
  • Construction materials analysis
  • Increasing indoor environmental performance
  • Advice for better productivity
  • Strategies for higher indoor comfort and wellbeing
  • Indoor pollutants and control strategies
  • Outdoor pollutants and control strategies
  • Daylight performance

We analyse your existing design and provide solutions on how it could be further improved. Our clients define their key performance criteria and we work with the architect and engineering teams to enhance the design based on the KPI. We incorporate feedback and lessons learnt from previous projects in order to continuously develop the optimisation process. 

Contact us to discuss further how we can help you implement your vision and achieve your targets.