The Display Energy Certificate and Advisory Report are legally required documents in England, Wales and Ireland for public service buildings. A public service building that qualifies for a mandatory DEC assessment is:

  • Partially occupied by a public service organisation (local council, NSH, university, prison, etc.)
  • Is frequently visited by the public (even in small numbers)
  • Has a large floor area of more than 250 square metres 

A DEC document will provide you with an energy efficiency rating based on the actual amount of energy that your building has used. This is very useful as we could help you implement improvements and continually increase the performance of the building. The validity is as follows:

250m2-1000m2: DEC and Advisory Report valid for 10 years

1000m2+: DEC valid for 1 year, Advisory Report valid for 7 years

DECs must also be displayed in A3 size at a prominent space near the main entrance of the building to highlight the performance of the building to the general public.

Organisations that fail to adhere to these criteria are liable to penalty notice fines.

Consultergy is able to produce DEC and Advisory Report for your buildings at competitive rates. We tailor our advice on enhancing energy efficiency measures based on robust scientific evidence and proven best practice from case studies data. We care about the environment and reducing your running costs and tailor our assessments to your ambitions on enhancing the building stock and demonstrating excellence. 

We can coordinate our site visits with the facilities manager and undertake the work at most convenient time for our clients. We keep an on-going communication with our clients and offer enhanced services where we discuss how to improve performance continually on a regular basis rather than a yearly service (when DEC is renewed).

Contact us for a quote or discussion of your requirements.