What is DSM?

DSM stands for Dynamic Simulation Modelling. These models allow us to undertake a detailed analysis of the energy use and CO2 emissions associated with various building uses. We use a variety of software options in order to combine greater accuracy, level of detail and the use of real site weather data. The models also allow for more complex buildings to be analysed and could be integrated in BIM interoperability with architectural models, which saves time and valuable resources.

DSM analysis

Consultergy offers a range of dynamic simulation modelling analysis that include:

  • Energy use optimisation (regulated and unregulated)
  • CO2 reduction (design and operational)
  • Lifecycle performance

These tools allows us to interrogate design solutions to a very detailed extent in order to optimise energy efficiency strategies based on the site microclimate, environmental conditions and various occupancy patterns of the building.

How Consultergy could help you with DSM?

By using cutting edge and industry leading tools, we are able to offer you insights in improving your projects through every stage of their lifecycle. Do get in contact with us if you want to:

  • Improve the energy performance of your building based on robust scientific data
  • Increase the market value of your developments
  • Optimise the lifecycle performance of your buildings for better efficiency and sustainable resource use

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