Buildings use up to 60% of the world’s electricity and there is enormous potential for energy efficiency improvement within the existing stock. Only in the UK, buildings account for ~37% of the CO2 emissions and in order to provide future generations with acceptable living conditions, we have to act now and respond to the Paris Committee Agreement. 

Energy efficient retrofit is simply finding strategies to reduce the energy demand for buildings. This could be done by improving the fabric (or skin of the building), the heating and/or cooling system (its heart), the ventilation systems (its lungs) or the lighting system (its eyes). If we start treating building as beings, we can utilise them to their full potential rather than wasting resources that we could invest to make our lives better!

Consultergy offers advice with regards to most appropriate energy efficiency measures for your development. Without careful considerations, energy efficiency improvements could have dramatic unintended consequences [1,2]. We use our expertise to tailor the most appropriate measures based on your geographic location, property condition and highest area of impact. We also offer cost-benefit analysis based on cutting-edge dynamic software to simulate the real life environment of how you use your building. 

We are able to provide you with a detailed assessment that will help you identify the right measures for you to reduce your operational costs and the impact on the environment of your building. Contact us now to discuss your specific requirements and how we can help you use less resources and contribute to the global climate change challenge that we face.