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An EPC is a certificate of the energy efficiency credentials. It is a simple comparative system that produces A-G ratings with the highest (A) being the most energy efficient buildings in theory.

Consultergy only offers a detailed EPC service where we take all the details for a property (drawings, measurements, heating, lighting and ventilation systems, renewable or low carbon systems) and produce an accurate reflection of your building. We do not offer domestic EPCs, where an assessor visits your flat and issues the certificate via an app or a tablet. We undertake a full assessment via the SAP software in order to provide you with an accurate and useful document that you could use to increase the market value of your property.

An EPC is required at any point when you build, rent or sell a domestic or commercial property. An EPC lasts for up to 10 years (depending on the property), however should be updated at any point when refurbishments or reconstructions are made in order to reflect the positive impact on the energy performance of the building. 

In the UK, if properties are found to be below the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards when let, there are fines for landlords of up to £5,000 per property.

Our team is highly skilled in producing certificates, having been involved in modelling hundreds of them. We offer detailed, thorough and accurate assessments on time and within budget. We do not aim to offer the cheapest fee, as we place quality and results first. If you do not care about energy efficiency and simply want a piece of paper regardless of its quality, then there are plenty of our competitors who are willing to do it as cheap as possible.

We are firm advocates of being open with our clients on the positives and drawbacks of EPC documents compared to the majority of the field. A high EPC rating does not guarantee building performance or low energy bills, which is a significant misconception that the industry has not addressed. Our prices are very competitive and are based on our expertise within the field. Assessments start at £100 per property given that you provide us with all the details required to complete the EPC. 

Contact us if you wish for your EPC to be robust, accurate and your building to be efficient, low carbon and low energy.