An Energy Statement is a report that demonstrates the CO2 emissions and energy consumption related to the regulated uses of the building (heating, lighting, ventilation, hot water and in some cases cooling). In some cases, unregulated energy is also considered (cooking, small power and electrical appliances). The purpose is to clearly demonstrate how climate change mitigation measures have been applied to developments and they are designed appropriately to the context of the local planning policies.

UK energy statements predominantly follow the GLA hierarchy:

  • Lean (fabric improvements)
  • Clean (low CO2 energy provision)
  • Green (renewable energy)

Energy statements are a mandatory requirement for all ‘major developments’ in London and are increasingly required throughout local UK council for minor developments as well. 

These statements are not limited to the United Kingdom and we offer our services within the EU and U.S. to help you achieve your energy and carbon goals and targets based on the local planning criteria.

An Energy Statement is required by law for every ‘major development’ in London, however there are multiple councils who also require it for minor developments. It is a mandatory requirement for councils such as Richmond, Bristol, Bedford and many others across the UK. 

For these areas, you will not be able to submit a planning application without this document, however it is our view that this report could provide you with a lot more. Through the statement, we can provide you with an opportunity to minimise the carbon impact that your development has on the environment, lower the lifecycle operational costs and aim to provide exemplar zero carbon buildings.

We offer bespoke strategies for your development, regardless of its geographical location and whether there is planning requirement for these reports. Let us help you provide buildings fit for the future.

Energy statements clearly outline your commitment at planning stage on reducing the energy demand of buildings and the respective carbon emissions related to the design. These criteria are necessary in many local planning requirements and will assist you achieve successful planning consent for your development, whilst increasing its market value and sustainability credentials. But most of all, this is an opportunity to identify how you can optimise your development in relation to minimising carbon impact, increasing energy efficiency and reducing lifecycle operational costs.

We at Consultergy are highly proficient at producing energy statements and have successfully assisted numerous clients in achieving their targets by preparing low carbon high value development strategies. Contact us to discuss the requirements for your project!