Our focus on health and wellbeing covers a large span of design criteria in order to encapsulate a truly holistic approach that focuses on human performance. We look at integrated design solutions that reduce energy, but improve indoor environmental indicators and enhance human performance or comfort. 

Our services offer a wide variety of criteria with relation to your development and you could incorporate one, or all, within the structure of the reports:

  • Improving Human Productivity
  • Improving Indoor Comfort and Wellbeing
  • Pollutants and impact on health
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Thermal Conditions
  • Ventilation Strategies
  • Visual Performance
  • Energy Performance
  • Light and Wellbeing 

Consultergy offers this unique service that helps you deliver holistic environmental performance for your buildings. We analyse a range of criteria in order to provide you with tailored advice on how you can increase the living and working quality of your buildings. 

We can assist you in delivering the exemplar buildings that the future generations deserve. The focus of this service is on wellbeing in buildings and enhancing the indoor environment. These measures would assist in increasing productivity in working environments and providing a sense of comfort and pleasure in home environments. 

Join us in changing the shape of construction to a truly sustainable practice that helps people perform at their best.