Consultergy was formed in 2016 in order to address a key need in the construction sector to move away from compliance tools and start focusing on improving actual performance of buildings. The construction industry is constantly in a state of improvement and we believe that the future will place end users at the heart of design decisions. Our experience has taught us that there is no ‘silver-bullet’ solution when it comes to construction and the performance of each building is dependent on the initial key performance criteria that were targeted. A tailored approach must be adopted to each development as it is placed within its own unique microclimate facing different urban, environmental, pollutant and societal conditions.

Our values are to:

Inspire clients to provide exemplar tailored buildings that work for the end users

Lead and champion efficient, healthy and sustainable construction practices

Advise with low-energy strategies that work in practice and bridge the gap between design and performance

Educate and share knowledge of the importance that indoor air quality and environmental conditions have on peoples’ health, performance and productivity