The principles of holistic design for performance are based on a few simple rules:

  1. Set priority design criteria
  2. Account for all factors that influence criteria and establish optimal performance
  3. Combine human sensory needs and building performance targets
  4. Produce high-end strategy for how the development could meet and exceed the criteria

Consultergy looks at a diverse range of design and operational factors of a building that influence human health, comfort and productivity and vice-versa. Our aim is to make buildings perform for people. We base our suggestions on state of the art simulation tools and scientifically proven principles that work in practice.

Consultergy commits to tailor every development to our client needs. You define the criteria that are most important to your home or commercial development and we provide you with suggestions that fit your needs. 

Our expertise covers the following factors:

  • Energy performance 
  • Indoor environmental performance 
  • Outdoor pollutants and control measures
  • Health, well-being and productivity
  • Sustainability

For more information of how this strategy could be implemented for your developments, do contact us.

Look at Tesla. Building a car for modern societies that want high performance, quick acceleration, green credentials, low CO2, use of renewable energy, value for money and long range is impossible without holistic thinking. We do the same, but for buildings. 

Holistic Design for Performance (HDP) is a design service we offer to ambitious and result driven clients. Our experts provide you with advice on how to achieve the goals you set our for your development. We focus exclusively on the building elements that are designed for performance, rather than aesthetics.

To find out more, do contact us to discuss your projects and how we can make them better.