According to WHO, 91% of the world population lives in places that does not meet WHO air quality guidelines and air pollution claims more than 5 million lives a year. It is a critical problem policy makers, industry and the general population are urgently trying to resolve. The main outdoor pollutants include PM2.5 and PM10, nitrogen dioxide (NO2), ozone (O3) and sulfur dioxide (SO2). Academic studies have demonstrated that these could have various long term effects such as acute lower respiratory infections, cardiovascular diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer and could even lead to reduction of intelligence

Indoor chemistry and air quality have been a growing field for the last 30 years. Various studies have researched how indoor air quality could be improved and its interrelationship with energy efficiency. Standards such as WELL, BREEAM and LEED are aiming to address these issues, however a more robust and holistic method is required. Our team is involved in cutting edge academic research in order to develop practical knowledge in this area and improve the industry performance in this area. 

We offer an innovative service that combines our industrial experience and know-how with leading academic findings on the topic to provide you with practical recommendations on how to improve your developments.

Consultergy offers unique indoor air studies tailored to your specific development. Depending on your requirements, we could advise on outdoor and indoor air quality and their interrelationship with efficient building design. Our studies offer an understanding of pollutants, potential sources and strategies to provide truly exemplar and world leading indoor environments. 

Our Director is involved in ASTMUK Indoor Environment Group and CIBSE working groups that lead global efforts and development in the area of increasing indoor air quality. 

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