Nearly zero energy buildings is a building with zero (or close to zero) net energy consumption. This means that the total annual energy used by the building is equivalent to the renewable energy generated on site. These types of buildings will have a great contributions towards reaching the ambitious Paris Climate Change Act and reducing global greenhouse emissions. Most of these buildings import electricity from the grid during the year, however they generate an equivalent amount and export during other times. 

The design principles for such design requires:

  1. Very efficient thermal fabric (such as Passivhaus) to reduce the energy demand
  2. Very efficient building services to reduce the energy consumption
  3. Renewable energy sources on-site to generate ‘green’ renewable energy and meet annual demand
A crucial aspect of delivering NZEB in practice is occupancy knowledge and teaching people how to use the buildings in the most efficient manner. In a large percentage of post-occupancy studies, the occupancy variations are what drive the performance gap between predicted design and actual performance.

The EU requires all new buildings to be NZEB by the end of 2020 and all public buildings by 2018.

In the U.S., an Executive Order by President Obama required all new Federal buildings to be zero-net-energy by 2030. The states of California, Massachusetts, Washington and Oregon have created pathways of achieving NZEB in the near future.

Soon many other countries will follow, so don’t miss out and contact us to be on the forefront of the building for the future transition.

NZEB are the building of the future and if you do not adapt your project to suit the growing global desire for low carbon construction, you will fall behind your competitors and the industry leaders. We are keen to establish you as leaders or further improve your design if you have adapted the NZEB criteria within your practice.

Consultergy offers tailored advice on optimal design strategies for achieving NZEB in any climatic zone. They key is in the detail and we offer bespoke strategies for the microclimatic conditions for your specific site. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution and we are keen to explore innovative solutions to provide exemplar dwellings that achieve performance in practice. 

Contact us to find out more on how you can be on the forefront of building innovation and exemplar construction.