We use future climate weather files to analyse what the indoor temperatures of your developments will be. With global temperatures increasingly rising, the need for passive or active cooling of buildings becomes essential. However the use of AC systems creates a vicious cycle as excess heat is released in the outdoor air, therefore increasing outdoor temperatures. In order to provide you with comfortable living and working conditions, we look at the most efficient measures of increasing the level of comfort of your home or office.

Climate prediction demonstrate that temperatures will rise by up to 5 °C in areas like Sweden, Canada and Russia. Through this interactive map, you can see how climate could change in the area where you live or work. The global temperatures are increasing and this has lead to a wave of overheating and the existing building stock is not resilient enough to provide us with comfortable, and in some cases liveable, conditions. It is essential that we design our buildings fit for purpose and retrofit the existing building stock in order to make them an environment that will help us flourish and develop, rather than suffer and regress. 

Consultergy offers an assessment on your development whether it is fit for purpose in terms of providing comfortable living, or working, internal environmental conditions. We offer an evaluation of design projects and existing buildings and offer practical solutions to reduce the overheating risk in your project, office, or even home. 

Contact us to discuss how we can help you create a better environment within your buildings.