The right to light law dates back to a court case under common law dating back all the way to the Prescription Act 1832. The right could be acquired by “anyone who has had uninterrupted use of something over someone else’s land for 20 years without consent, openly and without threat, and without interruption for more than a year’ according to RICS. It is enforced when a development restricts the amount of light coming into your home.

Consultergy uses 3D modelling tools to calculate how much of the existing light that you receive currently is being obscured by the neighbouring development. If the developer has not taken your right to light as a consideration, you may be able to claim compensation. 

We only conducts the daylight assessment and provide you with an assessment and supporting report with regards to the daylight levels. We do not offer any compensation advice or supporting claims services, for which you would need to contact the relevant professional.