What is SAP?

SAP is the ‘Standard Assessment Procedure’ for producing Energy Ratings of Dwellings and it leads to issuing Energy Performance Certificates for dwellings. SAP 2012, soon to be updated to SAP 10, forms part of a system of national calculation methodologies that are used to assess the energy performance of buildings. It was initially devised as a tool to measure compliance with Approved Document Part L1A (England and Wales), Section 6 (Scotland) and Part F (Northern Ireland) and to provide a comparative system for energy ratings between dwellings.

Industry issues with SAP

SAP evolved naturally in such a way that it has recently become a design tool used by compliance assessors across the country leading design decisions based on the SAP methodology. Unfortunately this approach leads to prioritising design decisions based on a methodology for standard comparison, rather than energy efficiency solutions that work in practice.

How Consultergy could help you with SAP?

What our company prides ourselves with is that we maintain the belief that a good design is driven by knowledge, experience and scientific measurements rather than compliance tools. Our practice provides you with accurate and detailed SAP calculations that helps your project achieve compliance with Building Control requirements and local planning regulations. However our advice and strategy for delivering an energy efficient built environment is holistic based on our experience, post-occupancy evaluations, academic articles, industry reports analysing best practice and most importantly it is tailored to your specific development.

We want to help you drive the industry forward and deliver a long lasting built environment sector that increases its value over time because of its performance.

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