SAP is the ‘Standard Assessment Procedure’ for producing Energy Ratings of Dwellings and it leads to issuing Energy Performance Certificates for dwellings. SAP 2012, soon to be updated to SAP 10, forms part of a system of national calculation methodologies that are used to assess the energy performance of buildings. It was initially devised as a tool to measure compliance with Approved Document Part L1A (England and Wales), Section 6 (Scotland) and Part F (Northern Ireland) and to provide a comparative system for energy ratings between dwellings.

SAP evolved naturally and in the process of its development, it was transformed from a compliance tool to a design tool by some compliance/EPC assessors. Some practices deliver solutions that are based on the simplified software figures rather than proven and robust measures that work in practice. This leads to value engineering lead by an unsuitable methodology, which decreases the long-term market value of the building stock. We at Consultergy are firm believers that design and operational measures should be driven by robust, verified and efficient solutions that deliver performance in practice. We only use SAP as a compliance tool to provide you with the mandatory documents for regulatory purposes. We use our in-depth expertise, innovative practices and scientifically proven solutions to provide you with advice fit for purpose. 

How Consultergy could assist you with SAP?

Our company prides ourselves with basing design solutions on knowledge, experience and robust scientific measures rather than compliance tools. Consultergy offers accurate and detailed SAP calculations that ensures your projects achieve compliance with Building Control and local planning requirements. Contact us to discuss the requirements for your housing development.